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Our mission at TLab is to alleviate suffering by developing tests that aim to clarify and simplify the ambiguous topics in the areas of persistent inflammatory diseases.

Why the ‘T’ in our name?

Our lab is comprised of a Translational Science and Medical Team – a group of highly experienced expert clinicians, researchers and seasoned laboratory professionals. We observe patient needs in clinical practice, validating the need for the tests we develop, and then drawing on the expertise and resources of our team members, to develop and validate our laboratory diagnostics.  Our laboratory is unique in that we are dynamically monitoring the clinical need and also, monitoring the utility of our laboratory tests.  We do this in a continuous feedback loop, striving for quality at every step, in order to support translational research in medical science to accelerate improvements in clinical care to alleviate suffering.

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We are able to accept specimens that are collected in all states other that Pennsylvania, New York, and Rhode Island.  We can receive specimens internationally, but special steps must be taken to ensure timely shipping.

How to Order

gain access to TLab's client portal

Ordering tests from TLab is designed to be straightforward and efficient, catering to the convenience of both healthcare providers and patients.

Set Up an Account: Providers can easily establish an account with TLab by completing our client intake form.

Accessing the Client Portal: Once an account is established, providers gain access to TLab’s client portal, facilitated through Citrix ShareFile. Within this platform, TLab account holders have access to TLab requisition forms, alongside specimen collection and shipping instructions. Additionally, patient reports are delivered via this HIPAA compliant platform.

Ordering Specimen Collection Kits: Providers can bulk order TLab specimen collection kits for in-office use, ensuring readiness for patients’ visits. Furthermore, TLab provides the flexibility of shipping kits directly to patients, allowing them to conveniently collect and ship specimens at a location of their choice.