Our mission at TLab is to alleviate suffering by developing tests that aim to clarify and simplify the ambiguous topics in the areas of persistent inflammatory diseases.

How Do Our Tests Work

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How Does BNR Work

Our Biofilm, Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs), and Red Blood Cell (RBC) Inclusion Test, or BNR Test, is a diagnostic tool that examines a blood smear under high magnification microscopy. This test detects the presence of biofilms, NETs, and RBC inclusions in blood.

How Does FISH Work

Our Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Tests utilize specially designed probes that bind to base pair sequences within the RNA of microbes. This technique is coupled with a confocal laser microscope, allowing us to visualize the probe target.

Patient Questions

We accept specimens from all States except NY, PA and RI.

Additional Phlebotomy Services

Please visit any website below for a list of additional phlebotomists.


TravaLab provides mobile phlebotomy services nationwide to patients within the comfort of their homes, offices, or health clinics. Schedule an appointment.

Renew iv

Renew iv offers iv infusions and injections which replenish essential nutrients quickly. They also offer blood draws.

Kelly Rose Mobile Phlebotomist

Kelly Rose Mobile Phlebotomist provides the most reliable mobile phlebotomy services in the Connecticut area. They also cover parts of NY, MA, RI, NJ, GA, AZ, and FL. Please call 1-203-997-6643 to make an appointment.

The Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is committed to offering superior on-site testing services from your home, facility, or place of business. Visit our collection site in Oakland, CA.

All Mobile Phlebotomy Services LLC

All Mobile Phlebotomy Services LLC is a team of highly experienced certified phlebotomists that believe that customer service and satisfaction is the number one priority. They currently operate in MA, NH, RI, and ME.

The National Phlebotomy Provider Network

The National Phlebotomy Provider Network (NPPN) is a 501c6 nonprofit group of organizations and individuals responsible for collecting, delivering, analyzing, and diagnosing blood specimens.