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Welcome to TLab

We have developed extraordinary new microscopic imaging methods combined with molecular probes to discover the causes, mechanisms, and tissue injury resulting from inflammation.

We have tests in various stages of development to show how vector-born diseases contribute to inflammation.


If you would like to know more about our tests, please contact us.

High Resolution Blood Smear Imaging

Biofilm, Neutrophil Lysis, Red Blood Cell Inclusions

The BNR test examines a specially prepared sample of blood to identify the presence of biofilm (B), neutrophil degranulation (N), red blood cell inclusions (R).  Results can include estimated biofilm load, degree of neutrophil activation, and morphological indications to clarify the differential diagnosis. 


BNR: Blood Smear


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Fluorescence in situ hybridization: Blood, Skin and Other Tissues


Blood FISH.png

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RNA-ISH & Confocal Laser Microscopy

We combine advanced RNA-fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) technology and confocal laser microscopy to visualize target RNA sequences in blood, skin, and other tissues, and develop tests to evaluate the mechanisms of inflammation.


Greater resolution and sensitivity allow us to evaluate mechanisms of disease at the cellular level.

RNA-ISH tests are "Research Use Only"

Practitioners should rely on clinical and other diagnostic information for decision-making.


Skin Sample.jpg

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Please use this Contact form to register with us as a provider, and to request test requisition forms and specimen shipping kits.

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