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FAQs - Patients

How do I order TLab tests?

Please speak with your practitioners and inform them of TLab's test offerings. If you are interested in having TLab tests, practitioners must set up a TLab account by filling out the Contact form on this website. TLab will follow up with them by providing specimen collection kits and giving them secure access to our reports portal.  At a practitioner’s request, we can ship specimen collection kits directly to patients (in most states including California) when tests are ordered.

Will insurance pay for these tests? Medicare? Medicaid?

Reimbursement for these tests is highly variable and up to your plan coverage. TLab does not submit claims to private insurance companies or to Medicare or Medicaid. At you request, we will provide you a copy of your test requisition along with proof of payment and CPT code information for the test(s) order. This is all the information you will need to submit a claim to your insurance company on your own behalf.

Where do I go for a test?

That depends on your practitioner.  Many practitioners will draw your blood or perform a skin biopsy in their offices. Others will send their patients to commercial laboratories or other practitioners for these services. TLab provides all of the necessary forms and instructions to your practitioner for specimen collection and shipping. If requested, TLab will provide the kits directly to patients to take with themselves to commercial labs or other providers to obtain specimens. Specimens can only be collected and shipped on Monday through Thursday.

How are tests shipped?

Using the special kits provided by TLab, specimens must be shipped to TLab via FedEx on the same day as collected, and only on Monday through Thursday if within the United States. All forms must be included in the kit with the specimens when they are shipped. 

Are tests available to international patients? 

When requested by your physician TLab will send you all the necessary specimen kits and forms for obtaining you specimens and shipping them to us.  We will need from you your kit shipping information in the following format split between different fields: Street Number: Street Name: City: State/Province: Postal Code: Country: Phone Number

Due to the increased cost of international shipments, we must bill you for the shipping costs.  The shipping cost will be added to the cost of the test(s) ordered and charged using the credit card provided on the TLab payment form.  

Note: Specimens from outside the United States can ONLY be shipped on a Monday.  

How long does it take to get results?

Turnaround time for most test results is 3 to 4 weeks.  

Who can I talk to about my results?

TLab provides test results directly to the ordering physician/practitioner. Patients must consult with their provider to discuss the findings and meaning (for their care) of the BNR test results and also to discuss the implications the results may have for their treatment or further testing.

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