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FAQs - Providers

Can you accept specimens from any state? Internationally?

We are able to accept specimens that are collected in all states other that Pennsylvania, New York, and Rhode Island.  We can receive specimens internationally, but special steps must be taken to ensure timely shipping.

How do I order TLab tests?

To create an account with TLab, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page. Once you are set up with an account, we will send you an invitation link to our client portal.  This is where you can access all of the forms necessary for ordering TLab testing.  You may also request collection kits be shipped to you to have on hand at your office.  We can also, at any time, drop ship a collection kit directly to a patient’s address at your request.  When we drop ship kits directly to patients, we ask that you please provide the patient with all necessary forms, and instruct them to place the fully filled forms in the kit when sending the kit back to us.

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